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With more than 20 years in the nail business, Le Chat continues to produce cutting-edge products such as the Gelée Powder Gel System, Perfect Match Gel Polish & Nail Lacquer and thermal-activated Mood changing polishes.

Le Chat is proud to receive recognition by providing products that nail professionals in over 40 countries truly trust.

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Le Chat—meaning the cat in French—was born in 1993 with its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area to service salon and spa professionals with the highest quality, most innovative products.

Le Chat strives to attain all that it stands for: Learn, Experience, Create, Help, Achieve and Teach.

Let your imagination go wild in a world where only your deepest strangest, craziest fantasies can come true!

When founder Newton Luu dreamed up the Powder Gel System –a revolutionary system that changed the professional nail industry forever—he decided to sell the three salons he managed and go into the manufacturing business.

Her roles include managing and advising the Le Chat education team and supervising product quality assurance.

Jackie holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Nursing from San Francisco State University.

Newton is the soul and fire that drives Le Chat’s creative vision.

His deep-seated knowledge of the nail industry comes from managing salons he owned and operated in Northern California while still attending business school at San Francisco State University.

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Upon graduation from university, she found that her artist soul spoke louder to her and decided to turn her hobby into a career and has been a master nail artist for nine years.


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  5. We started out in Toronto five years ago and we expect to be operating in more than 20 cities by the end of the year.

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