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As kids now have the opportunity to always be connected with friends from school, or outside of school, they can send or receive texts at any time of the day.Even if they are not physically sending out texts during class, they can become distracted by the buzzing or on-screen light up of a new notification from someone they received a text from.

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With the increase in usage of social media and chat rooms, adolescents and teens are more exposed to strangers, are more prone to meet and communicate with these sexual predators.

If they begin to talk to these strangers, they tend to exchange information with them, most often pictures, but they can also send them their phone numbers – making it easier for them to talk at all times.

These days, not only are children texting people they don’t know, but many are also engaging in what is known to be "sexting." As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, sexting is "the sending of sexual explicit messages or images by cell phone." The word is a blend of the words "sex" and "texting" that are used in congruence.

These messages can be text, photos or videos of nudity of either party.

As technology moves forward, kids are able to gain access, and even get away with, many new risky behaviors, that they may not even consider to be dangerous.

Due to this, establishing and keeping an open dialogue with your children is crucial.

The task of thinking of a way to do this and actually doing it takes away from class time and learning, which is an issue in and of itself.

Talking to your children about limitations on texting and when are appropriate times to text and not can help your child focus better in school and enjoy activities that they were distracted from before.

Parents should watch and look for warning signs to see if your child is communicating with sexual predators via text messages.

Texting while in school or during outings, whether regular conversations or even sexting, can be distracting and detract from shared experiences.

Another good way to easily put limits on your child’s texting habits could be to not allow for unlimited texting plans on their phone bill.


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