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If the conversation gets to detail that can become convoluted and go off in multiple directions, making it difficult to keep up with and respond to, especially if you are chatting to other people on the dating site the same time.

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Think of other things you can ask or chat about before you start talking to them, that way you will have lots of ideas rather than sitting there panicking about what you are going to type in a message to that person, and then ending up sending them a message that you regret.

Sometimes people panic when they are trying to keep an online dating conversation going and they end up sending rubbish to somebody, or they offend them unintentionally, or the other person becomes confused, or even worse, they realise you are struggling and think you have no interest in them.

As a general rule of thumb, we have found that if you have not arranged a meeting within seven days of starting to chat with someone, averaging two or three messages a day within your message conversation, then you are going to run out of steam pretty quickly. Alternatively, if you keep the conversation going too long, one or both of you can get bored, arrange to meet somebody else, get sidetracked by real life, or you can start to develop ideas about their character and personality from their online persona which are not actually real, which can be very damaging for when you do meet.

If you are really interested in somebody on a dating website, then make some notes on your phone if you think of something to ask them.

If only one person is asking all the questions, they are making all the running with the conversation and it becomes hard work for them.

It doesn’t matter what conversation topic you have going between you, you have to add things to say to help the conversation flow.So if your online dating message conversations always seem to end up going nowhere then this is going to be great for you because we going to discuss some easy tactics the making sure that your messages get replied to, as well as a couple of top tips to keep that conversation flowing.One surefire way to get your online dating conversation going nowhere is to be cheesy or sleazy.You don’t want to write lots of paragraphs a rambling text, stick to just a handful of paragraphs, maybe less, addressing the questions or points the other person is great, and then leading the conversation on.Often, especially the ladies unfortunately, people are guilty of simply not asking questions.But to avoid ending up being featured in articles about the absolute worst in pick-up lines, you might need a little help coming up with that perfect thing to say.

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