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Marshall is set to debut sometime in 2017 and has already featured on songs by other artists.

It is official and confirmed, Marshall Bang is openly gay!

Well there is an easy answer to this: it is highly probable that many members of kpop are gay just because it is statistically likely.

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The band's predecessor consisted of Jesse Gonzales on vocals, Kenneth Ilagan on guitars, Nathan Azarcon on bass guitar, Rome Velayo on drums, and Rico Blanco on keyboards and backing vocals.

They were managed by Lizza Nakpil and director Chito S.

The album gained positive responses from listeners and received heavy airplay from radio stations.

The band then embarked on a US and Canada tour in 1998. His last show with the band was on October 10, 1998 in Oakland, CA.

Formed in 1994, it is one of several bands who spearheaded the 1990s Philippine alternative rock explosion.

Rivermaya is currently composed of original members Mark Escueta and Nathan Azarcon, together with Mike Elgar and Ryan Peralta.I don't know about everyone else, but I'm waiting anxiously for his debut and will support him with all I've got, him being in such a conservative country.Source: Of course, there have been other idols that came out.Roño who had the intention of molding the group into a rock show band. Rivermaya's classic line-up was composed of (from left to right) Mañalac on lead vocals, Azarcon on bass guitar and backing vocals, Escueta on drums, percussion and backing vocals, de Castro on lead guitar and backing vocals, and Blanco on keyboards, guitar and co-lead vocals.In the process of grueling practice sessions, Ilagan, who left the band due to personal reasons, was replaced with Perfecto "Perf" de Castro who owned the rehearsal studio where the band used to jam; Azarcon's childhood friend Mark Escueta replaced Velayo who left due to undisclosed reasons; and Azarcon's schoolmate Francisco "Bamboo" Mañalac replaced Gonzales who was asked to leave the band.Former original members include Rico Blanco, who had been the original songwriter of the band and vocalist Bamboo Mañalac, who later formed the band Bamboo and later went on his solo career.


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