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In his petition, he describes family visits and 10 rendezvous locations, including London, the Maldives, and one "Phoenicia, New York." The list suggests a Dell in a cataloging reverie: .In the fall of 2009 Lakshmi, the ex-wife of Salman Rushdie, gutted Dell with insults that she found him "unambitious," his career "uninteresting," and his friends "unmemorable." She wanted out of the "superficial" and "primarily physical" relationship with Dell, his lawsuit contends. Prenatal DNA testing confirmed that Dell was the father, but Lakshmi turned down Dell's request to attend baby Krishna Lakshmi's birth in February 2010.Its message to the public is that Lakshmi is cold-hearted and promiscuous (she wasn't even sure who the father of her child was, after all). Second, by trumpeting his version of the story in the press and in the courts, he's attempting to mar Lakshmi's image and hurt her career as a cable host.

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Dell states disingenuously that "there can be no reasonable objection to the change of name proposed," but there are obvious objections.

No legal presumption exists for a child to carry her father's last name as her own, and Krishna has been known by her current last name for nearly a year.

Lakshmi has tried ever since to keep Dell out of his daughter's life, he claims.

His argument for custody is that Lakshmi won't consider Krishna ahead of her own busy career.

She told how he used to make her breakfast in bed every morning, and at first their marriage was blissful.

But slowly it soured with Sir Salman proving as "lethally eloquent" in wars of words as in print.Dell's first low move was suing in New York Supreme Court.This is the state's general trial court, where documents and cases are publicly available and easily accessible: A search term and 30 seconds gets you the court papers.Parts of Dell's factual recitation are implausible too.He claims that Lakshmi "failed" to identify Dell as Krishna's father on her birth certificate.(He says he would prefer joint custody, which he believes, incorrectly, that the court cannot order.) New York custody cases are judged according to the "best interests of the child." While the law is gender-neutral, the chances of a father obtaining full custody of a child he has never lived with are low.


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