Paige parker dating without drama reviews

Delta Salvation (SEAL Team Phantom Series Book 1) by Elle Boon: FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION…For SEAL Kai, keeping Alexa safe is his number one priority, even if it means his heart is laid bare.

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This book is Free on February 11, 2018Kindle The Second Sister (Amendyr Book 1) by Rae D.

Magdon: Eleanor of Sandleford’s world is shaken when her father marries a mysterious noblewoman.

As the ruler of every dark creature to walk the earth, he certainly has more than a bit of a bad side.

He lives for danger and isn’t the type to lose his heart. Mina James is seduction in the flesh, a perfect temptation that the devil himself couldn’t pass up.

Ripped away from her home, she must live with her two stepsisters.

Luciana is cruel and sadistic, but it’s Belladonna who truly haunts her.

Dillion identifies as non-binary, and so does Taylor.

“As someone who is non-binary gender identifying, I feel a particular responsibility to portray members of my community on stage and on screen,” they told The Huffington Post, “Not only as fully fleshed-out characters who are integral to the plot, but as characters whose gender identity is just one of many parts that make up the whole person.” finds Christine Baranski’s Diane heading into retirement when she learns her retirement account is empty due to a Ponzi scheme led by her trusted friend Henry Rindell.

Henry was a mentor to Maia, a young lawyer and Diane’s goddaughter and a main character, it appears, a lady-loving lady.

Her partner, Amy, is also heavily featured in the show’s initial trailers.

This book is Free on February 11, 2018Kindle The Walking Man by Wright Forbucks: Very loosely based on a true story, The Walking Man presents a powerful and unusual boy-meets-girl love story.


  1. In 1940, Seabrook Island, South Carolina, Noah Calhoun is smitten with 17 year old heiress Allison "Allie" Hamilton after seeing her at a carnival, and they have a summer love affair.

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