Pensacola dating dating retuals germany in the 1990s

When I was there, we had Bible Conferences during spring break.Instead of relaxing in your dorm or heading to the beach, you attended three services a day (morning, afternoon and evening). Bible instruction can be great, but I remember practically nothing from the conferences (except when the exhuberant and informative Dr.On campus there were many wonderful people who absolutely loved the Lord, both students and faculty.

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Recently, I received an e-mail from a prospective PCC student who read the blog posting and asked if I recommended the college.

In my response I asked her what she wanted to major in and what she wanted to do for a living.

Those who believe it are grateful that PCC is finally getting “accredited” while others who don’t are angry I’d joke out of such a sensitive issue.

It was my way of having fun with probably the most popular urban legend on campus when I attended–especially since it has negatively impacted me in many ways since graduation.

(Those graphic design skills would’ve really come in handy, especially with designing a website and laying out newspaper pages).

I may also have just stayed at home and attended a junior college, but I was so burnt out over attending what I deemed a worthless public school system that I was dying to attend a Christian college.Johnny Pope preached) except for nodding off and being bored due to the looooooooong, dry messages while wearing a suit inside a Dale Horton Auditorium where the air never seemed to circulate enough to make the air conditioning effective.What also made it a miserable week was that Pensacola gets warm in the spring, but during that week we had to wear a suit anytime we were outside our dorms. Bible Conference made me hardly be able to wait to “relax” when classes would start up again.When I was there, the criminal justice program had a decent reputation since the teacher who headed it, Mr. Some of my best friends in life are those I met at PCC, and I have many fond memories of Fine Arts series events along with dating and stag outings and getting a chance to visit different areas of Pensacola. Please understand I’m not trying to “sow discord” among Christians. As great a place as it might be, PCC is also very sheltered.Darrell Pope, was a well-respected longtime veteran on the Michigan State Police. I suppose it’s great if you’re a person who’s been beat up spiritually and who needs a place to “detox”.In many ways, PCC is no different than many Christian colleges.


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