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So we enrolled in a K9 training school on Saturdays which was also great for bonding.

This is where I met Emma, the advanced level trainer of the school.

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Zeus and I were not in Emma’s training sessions as we were only doing the basics but I often saw Emma watching us from the side of the training field.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for Saturday, Zeus and I were a bit early so we had to wait for about twenty minutes. At first the conversation was about dogs and their training but then she started finding out more about Zeus and I.

By this time we were both a little light headed from the wine and in that state people are not shy to share.

We described our firsts, best, worst, positions we’ve tried and those we would like to try, then Emma asked me“Are you getting cold or is the conversation turning you on?

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They are looking for new experiences and are not afraid of condemnation, because the animal is fuck very active and this sex is impossible to forget.The list was very long and Emma asked if I ever had sex with another woman, I said“No, but I always….”I paused for a moment and thought that she might be leading me to just that, sex with her. I watched the lesbian scene unfold on the screen then turned to Emma to see her expression.So I looked her up and down and decided if I were to have sex with a woman, she’s the perfect choice. Emma was 30 years old, 5’5”, blue eyes, sporty build with the most perfect butt, black hair down to her shoulders and also with two perky C-cups. She wasn’t looking at the screen, she was looking at me and breathing quite deeply as if she were trying to say or do something very difficult to just blurt out or do.On the one hand I was in total control of my own life, I could buy my own things and was completely independent, but on the other hand it was not so good for relationships so it was lonely at times.I had a few good relationships, the longest of which was six months and sex was part of all those relationships.She said that we don’t have to do any work or anything as there is a ranch hand and other people for that, we can go to just stay out in the country and fresh air for a relaxing break from the vibe of the city.

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