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In a Virginia-Perique blend, the perique builds through the bowl, and only really announces itself in the peppery finale.This blend displays this tendency, except that at odd moments throughout the bowl, the perique may leap out for a few extra-spicy puffs, before fading again to the spicy background flavour it usually supplies.The huge Latakia smokiness was there, richer than I had ever smelt it before, but stronger than this was a mysterious fermented, almost yeast-like smell.

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The perique and burleys help to balance out the harsher, more smokey latakia, making for a pleasant smoke.

The only downside to this tobacco I found is the aftertaste it leaves in the mouth.

England is obsessed by tidy gardens and burning unruly weeds.

You need to understand why people in england created such a complex taste - it's to remind us of those few warm days a year that linger and one yearns for.

Now stick that jar in the bottom of your closet and forget it exists. The grassy, lightly citrus sweet Virginias form the base of the blend, and usually plays a small role.

So fire up your magic Basement / Closet / Cupboard and stick s few jars of Nightcap in there. The very deeply rich, smokey, woody sweet and mildly musty Cyprian latakia is the star component.) Some folks do not like this tobacco, but I think many of them do not know how to smoke it properly- it has to be smoked slowly, in order to burn cool, and in a pipe that is suitable. This has to be smoked in a pipe that retains some moisture.If smoked too fast/hot, it will leave a bite, along with a wretched odor. It's a fine blend in it own right, given the proper time and space to get itself together.As a new pipe smoker (at the time), I tried several English blends but found them a bit too harsh and smoky tasting. I had seen it in the tins in the stores but never knew anything about it and supposed it was smokey/woodsy-tasting like most of the other English blends. I fell in love with it immediately and continue to smoke today, some 20 years later.Pipe Used: K & P , Jolly Roger Age When Smoked: 36 As a Latakia fiend, I think this must surely be the most magnificent Latakia blend I have tried.


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