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Today was packed with dramatic speeches as debate rocked the con- vention in unrestrained fury After his resounding re-election. Anscomb strode to tlie platform, and called his wife, who had trouble holding bark tears. Bret- tonneau in France la 169i Came In and try It today.

Ladysmith police detained the man until arrival of the Duncan de- tachment. — Finance Minister Anscomb I today was planted firmly I back in his job as British Columbia Progiessive Con- servative leader. P.'s David Fulton of Kam- loops and Howard Green of Vancouver-Q u a d r a. Anscumb's re-election, fol- lowing his dramatic resignation Pn- day nigiit, rlmuixed two days ot bare-f Lslpd fighl Uig In a conven- tion which publicly waslied an un- precedented amount and variety ot political linen.

23, of 6A3 Powei Slroet, Duncan, was located ill Ladysmith with a dam- aged fender and broken headlight. Bennett, candidate foi a rebel group supported by M.

h O ne floating mine was destroyed S 31 miles north of the Sgth Parallel ■ and east of the dty of Koaong; the ■ other was destroyed ten miles ■ farther north. A furious deer hunter appeared almost as soon and demanded to know what in the blankety-bank she meant by singing Mrs. "I was a big enough fool to alng to keep a biggv fool from shooting me " The hunter blurted an apology and stamped off af Ur more gams SWITZER’S I It euta through Alai a»d feud dw posits « leav M your tooth hrtghi and dean I Your month will /aof cisanar — i eay» "Uy mouth never fait so alaao ! invirnratlng, delight- ful to taste — mmd you cam nnaa after oeing without destroying i|m ammoniated e/fec U Receiver! Rarely you want to de everything in your power to help yoor children have healthier teeth. "Bock of Tho Boy on Arano Woy" Wc cure the problem and make it painieva. How Amm-i-dent Works Carbamide and Dibasic Ammonium Pbosphats are the two active in- gredients in the Amm-i-dent for- mula usad in the eiinioal toeta.

R • TROUBLE-FREE FIRING • PERIODIC CHECKS BY OUR FACTORY- TRAINED STOKER SERVICE MEN MEMBERS STOKER INSTIi UTE OK CANADA Victoria Wood & Coal Co. with I I preliminary evidence Indicating that^ ■ they were of recent manufacturt. Now clinical tce U show that It is probable that you and your children can baip prevent tooth cavities evwry time you hnu Jt pour u*i K — with this delightful taoihpasu. The Marshfield Junior High teacher was picking beme* when a shot a short distance away warned her that hunlers were near Seconds later a aecond bullet whistled near her aa she moved in the bruvh Instead of acrpaming. Three deer daahed past her as she ahoiited her song.

Ans- comb with failing to co-operate, with '•acts of aggression” and re- cited a long record of grievance. left it weak because tt wat unable to raise its own money. • Trans-Canada Airlines added t^n dally flights to Its eight regularly scheduled tripe on the Vlctorta- Vancouver run. when the Marqms of Lome set November 8 as the day ‘to attend church and givf thanks." After the Great War. Who last night war elected new president of tjip Bt IUa Ii Columbia Progres Alve Con*ervallve Party, succeeding Girdnn Canieron, Vic- toria. ft was suted to- night that the party now has an esiimated 15.000 adherents sbrnit one Mentii of 1 per tent of Canada's people. he ronctuded: "There must be unity whether under Ans- mmb or under Mooea." Tor Mtia niere Truman Back From ( erinr* SISort Leiafrftse* £*‘e*ry rui.'^c Oewatn Jen*en. Oct 7 «IN8» — Pratidem Trui Dan returned to Waahingian today after an eight- day ervlm on Chenspcaks Bay and ihf Po U4M-~ River. We Will Deliver Your Tofkey Anywhere Within the 3-Mi Ie Circle for 25e TODAY’S PRICES FOR GRADE “A” TURKEYS Local Qradt “I” Young Hen Turktyt, 1 2 to 16 Ibt., lb. lb, 62c Local Grade “A" Young Turkays, 20 to 24 Ibt. Make sure that yos have these essen Ual cheek -u pa. READ THIS Should our Christmas turkeys be lower then today's prices quoted sbov*. Receipt will be maaed Small Site 30d Large Sixe 59, Ont. TO SWITZIR'J QUICK PREIZI LOCKERS LTD 1700 Blonskard St.. tfl Hude the ta Am Ba Uva bort- f Deposit Dote of Delivery je/ITTCD’C quick freeze " ■ ■ 9 La CKERS LTD 1700 BLANSMARD ST., VICTORIA. Minuter Herbert Anaeoenb came out the Con*er Tall Te leader, “an honeat Ivee In draf Ung amendmenu to Uie detail U being given aerloua thought of the B C.

Anscomb had cut off the Federal organixatlon's funds. But with turkeys at 6» lo 70 cents a pound, the family may have to subsist on left oven for the rest of the week to fit the Thanksgiving feast Uito the budget. - A sharp drop In membership In the Oommunlsl ' party in Canada has occurred during the paet. In thortmghly reliable official quarters tn Ot Uwa. does not include those known to have Cocnnmnlst leantnca but who are not regarded by the Ro-al Ca- nadian Mounted Police os beirqt "out and out" Reds The 15.000 conslsu of paid up members Two yeara ago, Tim Buck, leadrr of the Labor Progra«et*e party, told party faithful at a convention In Toronto that the membership then Mood at 23.000 At that Uroe. Oorrmment eouirce riggeet the drop in Cmnmuntst party memben may be attributed to the firm eland taken by labor organlaattons In Can- ada and moot of the Meal unlona rage Antarrtir Kipedltloti Heads »m Ui 5 Rayals' Rally Holds I'nlted. I» Babb hot Bw IMlng Notoa Claoslfled Coroka Crossword Cnlberteon an Bridge ... Drew changed his mmd and decided tliere should be a single orgamaatlon In British Columbia. "Mr Green Is determined to uke cxmtrnl of the Br IUsh Columbia Association (o Ot- tawa, which would be disastrous.'' Pleading for unity In a smgle or- gantn Uon. The pile, containing 45.000 to 50 000 bushels of Marquis wheat. S3 wide and 13 high It was grown on land of the Blood Indian Resenrw leased by white men in tha largest grain f Wld within one fence In the Oommonwealth^ WASHINGTON. N's • fawturw of tha ravoivtionory new We nlso have ■ nice selection of our Dcliciout Turkey Roasii, weights 4 to 6 lbs, all ready for the dressing. Regular visits te yoor dee- tiet are necessary for cimeple St deatal health. ef Turkeys Plaaw eead ay hee enpy of fbtdar I d eacvftiinf tbe new Aamena Bupw , er. i4S23 — Pho RM - Offi M — B26U Cmiuine Ammoniaied ^ TOOTH PASTE mio AT^u Dtuo cou Nms (vn YWHai PENDANTS. ALL n TT W*n-Y to • »to P age 3— Loca l Qtff Batin (Eolonut Victoria, B. Oct 8, 18S8 Girl Guides Aid in Packing; Poppies ’Ansconih’s Fiery Oratory Swings Coiivenlioii Favor Con ferences Already Well on IFaj To Altering B, N. Act-^VTisnier Dt Cetoniat SUff l Uporur , told to the pcoplt In a pub Uc l Ute- Much haa atreadjr boea di*ts« ' mendotu Job ahead ot Ibam. Fin Lnc« ment Jrom the Prime Mlntiter and ward roachtn* Uw urttmau object- Wtomer gare awuranco that every eumuonai taika In Ot Uwa. THREE-CAR CRASH Earlier a three-car accident on Trunk Road. Cushman to King's Daughters' Hos- pital suffering from head Injuries. William Evans, went out of control, leaped a alx-foot wall and straddled a wire fence. He was arrested and charged, according to a police re- port. Damage to the automobile was s Ugh L Rebels Defeated Bv KRKI Mc NKM Colunist Staff Rfporte^r VANCOUVER. Defeating Uie movement which would have given Howard Oreen and his supporters independence in all Federal matters. Anscomb was given a firm mandate as boas of Uie party's entire British Columbia poll Ucai or Kantzation. Which haa been occupied aince Uie World War by the US^ brltaio. Mig rrmarli were con Uined 111 a reply to _ r~Med ap* ;icai from Ux- Auatnan Oovern* mertt for help m quelling Uie Red terror which ra«eo for two da$s m the Central Ruror-ean na Uou. TIONh Iftt HI KU ‘ Approprtat* t*tru(*uon* " have | i-:en to the United »te- Hi-h Cornin' * --• for Uir us of * 'on hire. "Please be asaured this Oov- ernniei H will take proper tc Llon to fulfill Its international commit- ment* with rr«d m m u« 1 - '‘eba Ver? Al Um Ul I l(IU Labaret tradition that ahouw bar him fmm [M VANCOUVER. 2.— Major- Cabinet poaltlon because of h U 'F/1 /)7ktt^rv/ f-«l# V General O. I be U-vi snare one while ii w-s »ull on the fin him to Cowichan Bay in the middle ol been fierce) rd bv inv fly at M feet. on aea-flahlng wl Ui a faint i Uan out of Whan he My fatiier ^»g - in much Ui' sme way ml T'**^! or a eon with v^..- SEE OUR ARRAY OF DIAMONDS FOR THAT GIFT OF ALL GIFTS When you choose s diamond nng. Mippi»rre« disturbance^ have the fu Ji support or this Govern- mei H “I am particularly gratified with the eoorugeou* and determined manner In which your Government; and the Austrian pe‘jplc have met and are mee ing their reaponslbill- , ‘lev m the lace of theee illegal acta. "U the greatest t^ ■tudents in 1922 from the shabby and crowded “Falrview ton. Kamloops, first vice-preai- ° mnn thacks" to the university’s spacious site at Point Grey. when an early Monday tn Oc- tober was choeen for Tt«nki«tvtng 1 Now the Thankigtvinc date R fixed i MSJ nr r. but have been waitmg for an • mmaaiatad (oet Apasfe. he ney -General ed reputation at a tough, able ' aald “paid people have been uaed yeaten Uy fighter. I hate one requeat Further pro( Brltlah North America Act.


  1. I don't grieve for those I lost; I don't grieve differetly, because I, apparently, don't fucking grieve — I get bitter. The kind of tired that feeds my ever-growing spirit of bitterness that has taken ahold and sunk its filthy fucking claws in the nape of my neck, tearing, shredding, and pulling in every direction I don't want it to. I used to be so happy, so inspired, and full of dreams.

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