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Then click on "Messages" and change the "Who can send you messages" to "Friends Only". — as one does in the middle of the night when sleep is evasive — when I see three messages pop up on my TV, all from accounts that I don’t recognize.This is really starting to get irritating."For the time being, there's still no official word from Play Station and the server status page is still showing as all services as working fine.

So when you have these bots generating the same text out at random people we could be facing some serious issues online here.

Kids who don't know what they are doing could fall into the trap as the text chat on PSN is not really restricted as say the ability to block them from playing R18 games.

Then we have teenagers who could easily believe that there is indeed a pretty female on the other end of the chat who just got out of the bath.

Before you know it their parent's credit cards are now on the web thanks to the bot making them believe that they would get to see things if they paid.

In today's world, being scammed online is a common practice but the more it happens, the less it happens due to people gaining awareness about it.

Hopefully, this article reaches everyone and they learn that the PSN is not as safe as it comes across.

We all know scammers exist out there so this comes as no surprise but when it happened to me this morning I simply had to take action and raise some awareness about this issue.

The thing is that the PSN is a service that caters for all ages and all people out there, be it kids, teenagers, adults, or even those who might be technically challenged.

However, we imagine they'll tell you, like they have on other occasions, to send over any "error codes or messages when you try to connect to the network?

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