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Polly has since given birth to their twins, who she named Juniper and Dagwood.

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Although he and Amy have just welcomed their first child together, he already has a daughter Lexi from a previous relationship.

He and Amy first struck up a romance back in March, two years after first meeting in Brentwood, after meeting in a local pub.

She explained: “I want to be really calm, so she’s going to help me with my breathing and tell me how to relax in labour.

“I’m hoping it’s a quick one – my cousin gave birth in 40 minutes a few weeks ago and I like the sound of that!

Sometime prior to the start of the series, during the previous school year, Jason and Polly began dating.

However, their respective parents opposed the relationship as the two families despised each other and actively tried to tear them apart.But who is Bradley, why did she kick him out of her home two years ago and what did he get jailed for?Bradley Wright is a 25-year-old builder who has a criminal record after spending two stints in jail and time in a Young Offenders Institution.” The pregnant star said she wanted a water birth – and sought expert help when she began breastfeeding.Opening up on the late stage of her pregnancy, Amy told new!Bradley was sentenced to 18 months in prison for handling stolen goods in 2014.


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