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If you love to talk books, you can also write reviews and share them with others.In case the books of other people interest you, you can browse and see who has the same books as you do.

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You might have wondered why I did not post a lot recently. I have put a lot of time and effort in the research and test drive of book cataloging websites. Because I think it is very important to keep a list of your books online. When you are as much attached to your books as I am, the worst thing that could happen is losing them.

In case of a fire or some other disaster, I would not be able to save all my precious books.

It is also possible to mark your books, for instance read or unread.

You can also mark the quality of it by giving up to five ‘stars’.

Library Thing is getting more and more translations. Click here to see if Library Thing is available in your language. Even if you do not have much knowledge of computers, you would be able to manage this.

Library Thing enables you to catalog your books in different ways. It is possible to display the list of your books in five different ways.

Cataloging your books is not only very important and reassuring; it is also a lot of fun!

Of course you do not have to use the websites dedicated to book cataloging to keep a list of your treasures.

This is why I have all of our books safely stored online now. If our house burns down, I will always have a list of the books we owned.


  1. This website is proud to boast a massive collection of a huge variety of adult movies.

  2. And the last but definitely not the least – the hardcore treasury of Swing Club Hunters!

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