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Moreover, if you comply with certain formal requirements set out in the Treaty and Regulations, which are binding on all of the PCT Contracting States, subsequent adaptation to varying national (or regional) formal requirements (and the cost associated therewith) will not be necessary.You are entitled to file an international patent application if you are a national or resident of a PCT Contracting State.

You should also remember that in the case of all granted patents, whether or not the PCT is used to obtain them, you will need to pay maintenance fees in each country in order to keep the patents alive.

PCT fee reductions are available to all applicants who file electronically, based on the type of filing and the format of the application submitted (see Question 7).

Preparing the PCT application using the WIPO web service (e PCT-filing) or the software provided by WIPO (PCT-SAFE) helps you to prepare your applications by automatically validating the entered data and drawing your attention to incorrectly or inconsistently completed parts.

Moreover, it helps you to manage your applications, for example, with monitoring time limits for relevant actions.

These frequently asked questions about the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) outline the PCT procedure from an applicant’s perspective.

For specific questions, further information and contact points, see Question 29.

If there are several applicants, each must satisfy those criteria.

Some ISAs also provide for a reduction of the international search fee if the applicant or applicants are nationals or residents from certain countries (see Annex D of the ).

Some national or regional Offices provide for fee reductions for natural persons, universities, not-for-profit research institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the fees you will need to pay as you enter the national phase (see respective National Chapters of the ).

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