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-- To avoid storing the login and password in the script file, the values -- are passed into SQLCMD as scripting variables.

For information about -- how to use scripting variables on the command line and in SQL Server -- Management Studio, see the "Executing Replication Scripts" section in -- the topic "Programming Replication Using System Stored Procedures".

Transactional replication enables changes made at a Subscriber to be propagated back to the Publisher using either immediate or queued updating subscriptions.

queued updating subscriptions-5

@publisher_security_mode = 1; GO --Declarations for adding an article.

DECLARE @publication AS sysname; DECLARE @article AS sysname; DECLARE @owner AS sysname; SET @publication = N' Adv Works Product Tran'; SET @article = N' Product'; SET @owner = N' Production'; -- Add a horizontally and vertically filtered article for the Product table.

EXEC sp_addpublication @publication = @publication, @status = N'active', @allow_sync_tran = N'true', @allow_queued_tran = N'true', @allow_pull = N'true', @independent_agent = N'true', -- Explicitly declare the related default properties @conflict_policy = N'pub wins'; -- Create a new snapshot job for the publication, using a default schedule.

EXEC sp_addpublication_snapshot @publication = @publication, @job_login = @login, @job_password = @password, -- Explicitly specify the use of Windows Integrated Authentication (default) -- when connecting to the Publisher.

--Declarations for adding a transactional publication DECLARE @publication DB AS sysname; DECLARE @publication AS sysname; DECLARE @login AS sysname; DECLARE @password AS sysname; SET @publication DB = N' Adventure Works2012'; SET @publication = N' Adv Works Product Tran'; SET @login = $(Login); SET @password = $(Password); USE [Adventure Works] -- Enable transactional replication on the publication database.

EXEC sp_replicationdboption @[email protected] DB, @optname=N'publish', @value = N'true'; -- Execute sp_addlogreader_agent to create the agent job.

By updating the publication with the GUID from the transaction, you have matching row versions in the publication and in the transaction.

If the old GUID stored in the transaction does not match the GUID in the publication, a conflict is detected.

EXEC sp_link_publication @publisher = @publisher, @publication = @publication, @publisher_db = @publication DB, @security_mode = 0, @login = @login, @password = @password; GO USE Adventure Works2008R2; GO -- Execute this batch at the Publisher.


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