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The year brought also a new circus on the Danish roads: Circus Trapez.For the eight year in row the Danish circuses got competition from DR television’s Big Band’s and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation’s Circus Summarum.The girls are pounding proficient in their synchronistic life on hands and lives up to the presentation: 'They adorn the ring in a symbiosis of raw strength, balance and grace'. They deserve fully their status as the audience’s favorites.

JIMMY ENOCH produced a show called Enoch's Circus Show.

In week 7 in Rosengaard Shopping Centre in Odense and in the following week in Friis City Center in Aalborg.

The other Danish circuses were all on the road once again although several of them, including Circus Arena and Circus Dannebrog, as Benneweis for the later years have had loss-making seasons.

Fortunately for the circuses in Denmark there was 2017 a general increase in the number of visitors.

The Danish film world has the Bodil and Robert awards similar to the American Oscar awards.

The Danish Theatre world has Reumert awards similar to the Tony awards.

Despite a nice program the number of visitors was disappointing, especially at the Faroe Islands. So said the old circus director Benny Berdino who will turn 70 in August.

And then he claps his hands and gives room for a generational change for open curtains.

They are not the only performers jumping up and down. Another Czech Paulo Kaiser also ensures turmoil on the podium.

He does allegedly this with 25 years of experience in rola bola art.

The award ceremony took place Tuesday 23 August in the fencing hall at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen and became a festive event.

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