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Now lets do the same experiment but with Entity Data Source.

Data Binding with Entity Data Source: I will use the same data grid but instead of SQL Data Source I will use a Entity Data Source.

You need a full blown SQL server to get the profiler.

We used IE Developer Tools and captured the network traffic when Add New button was clicked.

What I found out was, server was taking close to 10 seconds to finish its server side processing. What was surprising for them was, they had paging enabled on the grid.

In order to work with Entity Data Source, you need a Entity Data Model.

I will not get into how to create a Entity Data Model but assume that you know how to do it. NET Entity Data Model and generate the models from the database and use the same Northwind database. NET Entity Data Model created, create a Entity Data Source on the page.

Problem statement was – when they click on “Add New Row” button it takes nearly 1.5 minutes for the row to appear on the grid.

This made it even scary for them as they had moved the code to production.

Also in order to trace the SQL Queries executed, I am making use of a open source tool called “Express Profiler” which is available at Code Plex here:

I had to use this as I have a SQL Server 2012 express edition and express edition does not come with Profiler option.

Here is the screen shot: Fig 2: Express Profiler Settings Run the web application.

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