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The factory was really good about tweaking the bike every year.We were always back-ordered, and retail sales were phenomenal, in the US, Canada, and overseas.

OCZ’s SSD Utility is a nice utility that is free to download and it allows you to secure erase your drive, check its health, update the firmware and more.

You can secure erase the RD400 with this app and even make a bootable version of the SSD utility to run Secure Erase if you are using the drive as your primary partition.

The April 1979 issue of featured a very young Ken Vreeke strafing a corner in living color.

“The Yamaha RD400F is here to tell you the two-stroke is alive and, thanks to a few simple pieces of technology, just as high-strung and speedy as ever.

We wanted the RD line to go out with a bang and celebrate the many years of R5 and RD successes in the showrooms, on the street, and, of course, on the racetrack.

Looking back now, it’s pretty clear we did a decent job.The bike is essentially the same old wheelie-popping, four-stroke humiliating, lightweight, nimble, cocky RD400…” rang the road test.summed it up nicely in its June ’79 road test: “Innocent-looking, trim, petite, quiet—all of it’s a sham: the 400F encourages the unwary to go too fast, accelerate too briskly, stop too hard and wheelie too often.Yamaha wanted to keep it going, as the bike was a mainstay and profitable.Cruisers were the coming thing, but in ’78 there was little fruit there, so the company wanted to keep two-stroke streetbikes alive.” And if there’s one thing the RD400F was, it was alive.Yamaha has its XS11 four and XS750 triple—following a slightly different path than market-leader Honda—but there’s another bike in the 1979 lineup that grabs everyone’s attention.

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