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See Update for a complete list of available update types.Specify an empty list to receive all updates regardless of type (default).There are downfalls to being the new kid on the block, however, and the team behind Hangouts is still in the process of launching features such as texting and has started allowing users to make phone calls via the Hangouts service as of July 9, 2013.

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Microsoft Skype has led the video conferencing world for so long that its name has morphed into a verb, used in sentences like, "Will you be able to Skype when you're abroad? " But Google has challenged the notion that Microsoft is the video-chatting king with its May 15, 2013 release of Google Hangouts -- a platform that was marketed as a groundbreaking technology in the realm of free group video chatting.

Free UC from Skype and Google Voice for small business Free collaboration tools spur enterprise UC efforts Using Google Apps and Google for remote collaboration Learn how a Google-Vidyo partnership affects vendor competition With Hangouts boasting features such as the ability to group chat with up to 10 participants for free -- a feature Skype only offers for a fee -- it is definitely giving Skype a run for its money.

Skype has already offered features like presence, SMS (for a fee) and outbound audio calling long ago -- just to name a few of the offerings Hangouts is still new to. Google Voice tech comparison chart, the editors at Search Unified Communications have created a chart that offers a feature-by-feature comparative look at Google Hangouts vs. Google Hangouts can be described as the cooler, older sibling of Google Voice -- a Vo IP offering that focused mainly on audio communications; but is it feature-rich enough to overtake a market that Microsoft has reigned over for so long?

Take a look at the chart, and let us help you decide. Calls to landlines and mobile phones cost .99 per month (excluding rural Colombian areas).

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