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People who cheat on their lovers do it because of their own fears and insecurities in a relationship.If they are unable to talk about sexual or intimate emotional needs, it may be easier for them to cheat then to speak to you about what they want.

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Also, as you become sexually active, take heed to a partner who won’t use birth control or condoms.

Sexual coercion and intimate partner abuse are more common every day.

When either the Perk or Red Flag decks run out, shuffle the discard pile and use that as your new deck.

HOW TO WIN: For a short game, play twice around the table.

For example: ________ in the card below could be played as Eyes, Biceps, or Brother.

So, the best we can do is equip ourselves with clarity—what we want and what we don’t want.

Through experience, I’ve learned what I am willing to accept and what I’m not.

On paper, it appears these actions and behaviors are changeable, but it’s not that easy.

Obvious Anger Management Troubles: Statements like, “That guy cut me off on the road, so I followed him for five miles.” Or, “He/she made me so mad I popped him/her in the mouth.” Any indication of violence without the concern for the impact on others, any remorse, or with complete entitlement are certainly more than you might be interested in for your new significant other.

Stories of How They’ve Hurt (with No Remorse): What they’ve done to others, they will do to you.

The chosen player keeps their Red Flag from that date. The player to the left of the Single is now the new Single.

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