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Civil registration records are an excellent source for accurate information on names, dates, and places of births, marriages, and deaths.

Beginning about the 1840s, civil registration was formally established, requiring that separate records of birth, marriage, and death be kept by the local government.

A separate record-keeping administration, Lixiarheion, was not fully established until 1925, when a national department for government registration of vital records was established.

In some areas, male registers were reconstructed from other records back to 1825.

(Source: Greg Kontos, Research in Greece Using Civil and Church Records, HELLENIC GENEALOGY CONFERENCE.

Civil officials recorded the marriages in registers, usually preprinted forms bound in a book and kept in the civil office.

Marriage registers give the date of the marriage, the names of the bride and groom, their ages, their places of birth, their residences, their occupations, their citizenship, their religion, whether this is their first or a subsequent marriage, and their parents’ names.

When Greece became an independent state, communities began keeping registers of males (Mitroon Arrenon), which list all the males born in a particular community. Male registers were created for all communities in Greece.

As new areas became part of Greece, their communities also began keeping male registers.

Town (resident) registers are lists of family groups living in a particular locality.


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