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He combines a sense of social and personal crisis with wit, wisdom, and physical frankness. Four Dartmouth students – Moses Pendleton, Jonathan Walken, Robby Barnett, and Lee Harris – founded this choreographic collective in 1971.

Initially, they created startling sculptural shapes that unfolded with biological linkage.

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danced with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet before beginning her solo career and choreographing for Broadway musicals, the concert stage – she was the first to use spirituals for concert dance – and the company she formed with her husband, .

His dances emerge in a wonderland of visual effects and structured costumes that recall the pioneering days of Fuller.

Sexual alienation is her main subject, and she spurns formal schooling for dialogue, gymnastics, and gesture amid such settings as pools, hillocks, and collapsing walls. Her mathematically musical mind and sympathy for popular culture have created a quick, bold, slithery, and densely packed style of movement that she applies to a wide range of classical and pop music. A remarkably gifted performer, he has brought his economical sense of gesture to some 100 dances created over two decades to a wide variety of music.

Folk dance and homages to modern styles are undercurrents in his work.He drew inspiration from the deep belief of spirituals and from the elegant sophistication of the leading force in Tanztheater, contemporary Germany’s successor to 1920s Expressionism.Fervently believing that dance could enhance the spiritual health of society, she became a legend through her interpretive artistry and personal example. After an international career performing lyrical interpretations of Asian myths, she returned to the U. and formed the Denishawn Company (1915) with her pupil and husband, Ted Shawn.The dominant serious dance company of the 1920s, Denishawn was the training ground for Graham, Humphrey, and Weidman, among others. A peerless solo artist who became the most important figure in German expressionist dance.Our century winds down with a generation that favors abstract as well as timely subjects and dances them in an unconventional, frankly theatrical way to a wide variety of music.


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