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Russians are reserved and try to keep the distance before you become close to them.

Any Russian girl can create an impression of Ice Queen, even if she likes you (especially if she really likes you! I met Paul at work on one of my tours, and he told me he came to Moscow to visit his girlfriend.

Building a career and getting a second degree often sounds more appealing than trying to find someone who will value their personality and freedom.

A Russian woman will be very independent in a relationship, and very stubborn, too.

Only a few minutes ago, we’d been standing together drinking beer, when the other guy made the dubious and drunken decision to put his arm around me.

What happened next was awful, confusing, and I wanted it to stop.

And don’t forget the initiation: the dad will most likely test you at some point.

You should prove that the family can trust you with their precious child. For example, my boyfriend Jacques had to drink a full bottle of vodka with my dad.

I was standing on a dirt path in a Russian country village, holding my boyfriend Anton’s torn, bloodstained T-shirt.

All that could be heard in the darkness was my friends and I shouting his name, and the thuds and grunts of Anton wrestling with another guy.

“When we started dating, I was challenged with the wall of ice between us, as if she didn’t want to open up or let me closer.


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