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These days, they’re giving the business a big kiss on the lips.

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Wood Group, gatekeepers and owners of Bootsy (along with actor David Arquette)—with its Rat Pack-era décor and burlesque touches—as well as Hooray Henry’s on Beverly, Shorebar in Santa Monica, and Bootsy Bellows Aspen.

“We’ve had plenty of opportunities to buy up clubs in Hollywood and mass market them—charge at the door, not care who’s inside,” says Toll. We care more about having the top people in every industry in there.” Terzian and Toll, both 34, grew up in LA (Terzian went to Harvard-Westlake; Toll, to Beverly Hills High), met at USC, and after working individually for a while, formed H. They later joined forces with partners Adam Koral and Markus Molinari, building a following for their venues through friendships and networking.

And they’re constantly adding playful touches to their establishments: Tightrope dancers. “We can get into an argument and then five minutes later go to lunch.” Sometimes they even have shrimp.

This is just one example of an artisanal cocktail that Julian Cox and Josh Goldman once dreamed up, a take on a Charles H.

While most nightspots promise a social component, some do it better than others.

For the 36-year-old Houstons, native Angelenos, it’s less about selling booze and more about the vibe.

Both are alumni of Pacific 12 schools (Goldman went to UCLA; Cox, to Arizona State).

And both love bopping around Los Angeles like Pied Pipers with cocktail shakers.

Akiva, an entrepreneur, has made a name by operating some of the premier nightclubs in New York, including Butter, 1OAK (One of a Kind) and the G Spa & Lounge, which have been frequented by many top celebrities, including Diddy, Leonardo Di Caprio, Paris Hilton, Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Akiva and business partner Scott Sartiano are poised to have another hot spot on their hands with The Darby, a 1950s style supper club.

As the sun sets, the hills (and valleys), from SM to DTLA, are alive with the sound of revelry.


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