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The standout exception for DC being Wonder Woman (2017), which was not merely a great superhero film, but also a great war film.

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Israel has 1,004 km of border wall with a population of 8.5m, so 8,500 people per km of wall.

Hungary has 523km of border wall with a population of 9.8m, so 18,700 people per km of wall.

Overstayers Another argument sometimes mounted against border barriers or border enforcement is that a significant amount of illegal immigration comes from visa overstayers and other people who have legally entered for one purpose but extend their stay beyond their legal entitlement.

While this is true, it is no argument against border barriers, which can (as the Israel and Hungarian cases demonstrate) be very effective in stopping illegal border crossings.

DC’s most iconic comic characters are Superman (1933) and Batman (1939).

In terms of current TV series, Supergirl is, of course, Superman’s cousin while Gotham (2014-) is the story of the path, starting with the death of the Mr & Mrs Wayne’s, of Bruce Wayne to becoming Batman.The range of TV series, including high quality TV series, available is unprecedented.I have a weakness for police procedurals, crime shows and superhero shows (though not the animated versions).The foreigners' bodies were buried in up to six and a half feet of snow and digging them out will take days, he said.Three Canadian trekkers who survived the avalanche were taken by helicopter to a shelter in a nearby village.From the success of Arrow (2012-), DC has spun off The Flash (2014-), Legends of Tomorrow (2016-) (the core of the so-called Arrowverse) plus creating Constantine (2014-15) and Supergirl (2015-).


  1. Being approached by someone in person who won't take no for an answer is certainly frustrating.

  2. (1 Peter 3:4) Yet, the problem is that in a computer relationship, you cannot observe gestures, smiles, or countenance.

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