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For a list of Government hospitals and clinics, see Kuwait government hospitals.Private schools operate as commercial establishments, Tuition varies significantly from school to school.

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Financial crimes, including fraud, bouncing cheques (including post-dated and ‘security cheques’) and the non-payment of bills (including hotel bills) can often result in imprisonment and/or a fine in Kuwait. You may also be liable for cheques that have been signed by you on behalf of a company.

If you have unpaid loans or financial commitments you will not be able finish your employment in Kuwait and exit the country.

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The Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department regulates the issuance of licences.

The minimum age for learning to drive is 18 years old.Usually requested by money order, wire transfer or prepaid debit card, amounts range from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Sometimes, a phony check comes with the congratulations, with instructions to deposit that “partial payment” in your bank account to use for the requested advance payment.But the check proves to be counterfeit — which could take weeks after its deposit to discover — and you’re liable for all money drawn from it.For information visit https://uk/foreign-travel-advice/kuwait/entry-requirements Find out what benefits you might be able to get while abroad and how to claim them by visiting Benefits if you’re abroad.All persons driving in Kuwait are required to carry a valid driving licence.Generally, emergency treatment in government hospitals is free. If you use a private hospital, make sure you have comprehensive medical insurance or the funds to pay for it.

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