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This causes Humbert to ejaculate in his pajama pants unbeknownst to Dolores.Charlotte drives Dolores to summer camp, where Dolores will be staying for three weeks, and Charlotte leaves Humbert a letter in which she confesses that she has fallen in love with him.

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Humbert recovers the letters from the accident scene and then burns them.

Later, he convinces Charlotte's friends and neighbors that he is Dolores's biological father from a previous affair.

Humbert retrieves Dolores from camp and tells her Charlotte has been hospitalized. Humbert wants to have sex with her and, to make her more compliant, he gives her a sleeping pill.

As he waits for the pill to take effect he wanders through the hotel and meets an anonymous man who, in fact, is famous playwright Clare Quilty, a friend of the now-deceased Charlotte. Humbert excuses himself from the conversation and returns to the hotel room.

In it, Ray says he's presenting the details of a memoir entitled The Confession of a White Widowed Male written by a literary scholar of mixed European ethnicity who died recently in an American jail of heart failure while awaiting his murder trial.

The memoir's author uses the pseudonym Humbert Humbert to refer to himself in the manuscript.

Upon his arrival, however, he discovers that their house has burned down.

Afterward, Charlotte Haze, a wealthy Ramsdale widow, offers to accommodate him instead and Humbert visits her residence out of politeness.

Humbert begins the memoir with his Parisian childhood and ends it with his incarceration.

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