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Until very recently it was thought that the land along the Nile had been originally settled by farmers about 1000 years before that.

As someone interested in the ideas of author Zecharia Sitchin, I always found it curious that Egypt's chronology did not fit closer with the return of the planet Nibiru to our skies, which Sitchin claimed to have occurred around 3760BCE.

Yet, as is indicated above, it is indeed possible at the kind of distances we are discussing here.

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) later Babylonian “kudurru” traditions."You can see the "three bags" he mentions in the image of Pillar 43, to the right (3).

Is the Turkish site a very ancient precursor to the civilisations that emerged much later in the Levant?

It would have to be a pretty cold rock, though - however massive - making the life issue a bit of a problem for those hoping to find the Anunnaki on an habitable world with an atmosphere at this distance.

Nevertheless, Planet X is Planet X, and it's possible that a brown dwarf lies way out there at the edge of the solar system as well. It is well known that ancient Egypt was unified under one King, Menes, for the first time around 3000BCE.

It's been 10 years since Sedna was discovered, and at the time Sedna also hinted at a more distant object (4). With two objects, we now have increasingly compelling evidence that an unknown major body affected the outer solar system in the past.

Of course, there are other possible explanations for these unusual orbital alignments in these very distant outer solar system bodies. It may have been an ejected planet, or early binary companion.

A recent paper written by archaeo-astronomer Giulio Magli speculates that the reappearance of the star Sirius, as the skies shifted over millennia, was the driving force behind the construction of this remarkable ancient observatory (1).

"I am thus proposing here the possibility that the structures of Gbekli Tepe were constructed to celebrate, and then follow in the course of the centuries, the appearance of a brilliant “guest” star in the sky: Sirius. Getting more insight in the symbolic world of the builders would certainly be of help; many of the animals [depicted on the stones] are tempting as representation of constellations, and – curiously enough – one of the most elaborated stelae present an upper register with three “bags” which are pretty similar to the three “houses of the sky” occurring in the much (very much!

With no written records from this very early period, a timeline has been based on the evolving styles of ceramics unearthed from human burial sites."Now though, scientists have used radiocarbon dating of excavated hair, bones and plants, with established archaeological evidence and computer models to pinpoint when the ancient state came into existence.

Previous records suggested the pre-Dynastic period, a time when early groups began to settle along the Nile and farm the land, began in 4000BC.

So why was there such an accelerated race to civilisation in Egypt during this period? It would make sense, perhaps adding further credibility to the concept that something remarkable occurred around 3750BCE.

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