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And she will not respond to any of my emails (they are actually quite nice). I’m at a loss about what to do and honestly devastated that one of my closest relationships has been ruined but also that she’s ruining a lot of my other family relationships which used to be really important to me.

Apparently it’s so hard for her to be home all day with nothing to do but refuses to do anything by herself (except lighting the kitchen on fire – that was all her).

She’s a passive aggressive bitch and I’m stressed to the max. She thought I’d be going with her (but not the new hubs) Ugh. Those 2 weeks were all about her and quite frankly stressful/not fun at all.

This is putting us under considerable financial strain.

Please pay ($Total) by (Date) via (Preferred Method). Filter emails from your sister and family members who have been jerks about this situation into their own folder that bypasses your inbox.

You’ll visit your family and call, but the truth is: You left. So one of vipers came to visit you, ran up all your credit cards, and set your kitchen on fire.

She forced your world to revolve around her for 10 long weeks. You didn’t think you could just move away from all that and be happy, did you?

Long story short, she’s always been a high achiever but also immature and VERY emotional/needy.

There’s some deets behind that but I won’t get into it.

No one in my family is helpful and basically have all sided with her in a very “I don’t want to get involved but…” way. Some of our mutual friends have stopped speaking with me as well and it’s hard to enough maintain contact with the distance even without this drama. If you could just tell your side of the story then maybe…


  1. If you are dating someone with kids older than 10 years old, then you have to remember that they are going through their teen phase when things are uncertain. If they show some kind of disrespect, don’t take it personally. Even if they like you, they need to see strong evidence that you are “cool” enough for them. Competing with the real mother or father of the kids never ends well.

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