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Check it once a month under controlled circumstances, like, having a friend screen things for you.

If you use Facebook, put your sister and every family member who has been shitty about this situation on your Restricted list. For the time being, limit how much attention you give your sister, how much you know about her movements (like her other vacations), and interact with her flying monkeys only when you want to.

Recipe for disaster I know (now) but I also know how much she makes (ALOT more than me – we’re talking mid 6 figures) and that she would definitely be able to pay back.

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Now, here comes the hard part: a) Make a Plan B for how you’re going to get by without the money she owes you.

Whatever energy you are spending on chasing her for the funds, redirect most of it into that, whether it’s picking up a part-time job or seriously reworking your budget.

You’ll visit your family and call, but the truth is: You left. So one of vipers came to visit you, ran up all your credit cards, and set your kitchen on fire.

She forced your world to revolve around her for 10 long weeks. You didn’t think you could just move away from all that and be happy, did you?

PS- she’s gone on multiple vacations since she gone back to the US (long weekend skiing in Vale, now she’s just gone to some exotic island for a week long “girls trip”, 2 different weekends in Vegas) all of which are clearly on the luxury end. (It’s the explicit version with language, nudity, and violence, if you’re at work or not into the idea of Rihanna fantasy-kidnapping people and fantasy-holding them naked-hostage for non-payment of invoices). Eventually you met someone great and moved to the other side of the world.

My parents love to tell me how great she’s doing, how much money she’s making and how great it is she can afford to travel so much, and she didn’t need to even move out of the US. You started a new life, surrounded by people who like you and treat you well.

She takes up all my additional time and is so HORRIBLE even my new burgeoning friends notice how mean she is to me. In hindsight it was like she took every script out of our mother/family’s emotionally abusive playbook and threw it at me and I should have kicked her out. She kept asking my husband and I to pay for things on our card because “hey we’re booking together it’s easier to just do it at once” and she’d pay us back.

Also at one point her wallet was stolen/lost and she had to get new cards sent ect which took a while.

I have a long question about how to get a family member to pay back the money they owe you.

First bit of background: I recently got married and moved to another country VERY far away.

Apparently it’s so hard for her to be home all day with nothing to do but refuses to do anything by herself (except lighting the kitchen on fire – that was all her).

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