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He considers the series a turning point in his career, saying, "Previously, I took on characters living a life full of ups and downs.

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A source claimed that the couple had separated at the end of 2017.

It was rumored that 40-year-old Seung Heon had wanted to settle down to start a family together, while 30-year-old Crystal still wanted to focus on her career.

They confirmed their relationship in August the same year and the then-couple often made public appearance together.

Back in April 2017, they were hit with pregnancy reports.

Song Seung Heon recently starred on fantasy thriller series "Black" alongside Go Ara.

He will next be seen in Chinese action war drama film "The Bombing", which was filmed from May until November 2015.

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Check the pages to your right where you can find out about my country. If you want to find out more, just do not forget to visit my homepage whenever you are online to check for latest updates. For me, Hae-young was the first character that was so rich, bright and cheerful.

Seung Heon’s representative has confirmed the news to be true.

The representative told the Korean media, “Song Seung Heon has been busy with work, as well as Crystal Liu.

But because they were together for a long time, it seems they are taking a while to organize their feelings." Song Seung Heon's label has confirmed the news, telling TVReport, "It's true they broke up.


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