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Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has been questioned by police over seven attacks that took place as far back as 1964, 11 years earlier than the vicious murders he was sentenced for.

Contactless payments are being introduced, starting in West Yorkshire in the middle of January and followed by York in February and South Yorkshire by the end of the year, in bid to end the frustrating wait for passengers fumbling with change.“It is simple but it will transform the perception of bus travel and also some of the frustrations about journey speed,” said First’s Managing Director for West Yorkshire, Paul Matthews.

The firm is also re-training all of its staff in the region to help its employees better understand customer behaviour and manage their own.“There is a perception that bus drivers are rude and unfriendly and sometimes some are, we have to accept they are, but mostly our 3,000-plus staff try to do the best they can for customers”, said Mr Matthews.

Assistant Chief Constable Oldfield mistakenly decides that these are the work of the Ripper.

Wearside Jack, as he becomes known, is pinpointed to the Castletown district of Sunderland by voice experts.

The case comes to the attention of the national press after Sutcliffe murders Jayne Mac Donald, a 16-year-old shop assistant.

The murder, and the realisation that a serial killer is on the loose in Yorkshire, shocks the country.

In 2015, investigative journalist Time Tate and intelligence expert Chris Clark published a book, claiming the ripper had got away with 23 unsolved murders.

The book prompted police to launch a cold-case review.

She told police her attacker drove a Sunbeam Rapier, the same type of car Sutcliffe owned, but police didn't believe Sutcliffe attacked her.

The Yorkshire Ripper was handed a life sentence after being convicted of 13 murders in 1981.

Detectives are told they can discount suspects who do not have a Wearside accent. Detective Constables Andrew Laptew and Graham Greenwood are suspicious but their report is filed because his voice and handwriting do not fit the letters and tape.


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