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We have great trainers on site and when talking to the team about setting up singles week, we realised it's actually a brilliant opportunity to meet people because we're not doing any cheesy singles nights or speed dating stuff.It's just a camp as we know it, as we currently run it – the only thing we might do is a speed circuits class – but the thing is, you get to know each other over the course of the week anyway.

It's been incredible, it's been great fun, but it's been very stressful; I'd say I've probably aged ten years in a year! I like to succeed, I like to achieve, I like to work hard and it’s great to be involved in a business like this, where I'm seeing people succeed and achieve and where we’ve given people the belief to get back on track.

It just takes a few small lifestyle changes in order to achieve that.

JOE: Something like this singles camp is a sign that the traditional idea of people meeting other people and forming relationships in Ireland has changed completely in recent years...

KT: People are doing triathlons, people are doing all the adventure race circuits and all of it is a great opportunity for people to meet, to hook-up and expand their social circle. I never did the online dating thing – it was always going to be a little more difficult for me doing it – but I know what it’s like from my own single friends.

Gorgeous, fit, intelligent women; I mean Jesus, you'd want to see them!

My sister has just moved back from Los Angeles and a few of her single girlfriends are coming along.

You go out for the night, you have one too many drinks...

but there are only so many times you can hang out at the same places over and over again so we said when people are down there they'll have seven days to really get to know somebody. There's no hiding behind alcohol, there's no hiding behind gym lighting; you're in your trackies and everyone is working out together. You're outside all the time, you're in the open air, we do assault courses, circuit training, we do kettlebells, we do yoga, there's opportunity to use the spa; it's a mini-holiday where we kick your ass.

There’s no awkwardness; it's an opportunity for people to get to know each other and to meet a bigger circle of friends.

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