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However, one of the huge advantages that speed dating offers over other forms of internet dating is it minimises any pressure you might feel about ‘going on a date’.

Okay, maybe you are a touch shy or just lack that bit of confidence around people of the opposite sex and that is all that is holding you back from meeting the true love of your life.

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The events provide a great opportunity to meet people - and possibly even find your soul mate.

Internet dating is an increasingly popular way of meeting other people, with a significant (and growing) number of long term relationships now starting via the internet in one way or another.

We don’t book a lifeless conference room in a hotel for your evening; we just choose the right place with the right atmosphere and ambience so you don’t feel conspicuous.

In truth, we just try to make everything feel as ‘normal’ as possible.

Don’t worry, if you meet someone and you don’t hit it off, you only have to wait a couple of minutes and the ‘date’ will draw to a polite end and neither of you are under any obligation to meet again.

Even better, you don’t exchange details at the event itself, so there’s no potential embarrassment to worry about if you don’t feel someone you’ve met is for you.

It’s brilliant because you get to go on a pressure-free mini-date and then when you arrange to meet someone again, you have instantly got something to talk about.

“You never know until you try” is not such a daft expression after all.

South West speed dates include speed dating in Exeter and speed dating in Plymouth nights while over in East Anglia we offer speed dating in Norwich.


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