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If you asked the people around me (perhaps depending on the day!) they would say that I’m generally a kind person who goes out of her way for others.

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A leader in crisis needs to be more aware of the physical, psychological, and mental condition of the team.

An operative that has been controlling an evacuation for 12 hours straight may need time out to regroup. It is critical for a leader to be aware as the environment becomes dysfunctional or begins to stabilize.

I wasn’t being intentional about showing care and love to others at home and at work.

And the worst of it, I had to face a hard fact that I’d known but couldn’t turn away from after the Forum: I’d turned into a bit of a complainer.

I try to make others feel good about themselves and their work.

I keep my door open to listen and provide feedback or assistance when needed.

The chaos of the times seems to present a new disaster every week, plunging leaders who may be top-notch performers under normal operations into a world of chaos and expectations — situations they are both unequipped to handle and also prone to make well-meaning yet disastrous decisions in the heat of the moment.

Leadership in a crisis situation is very different from leadership in a time of normal conditions.

In the Navy we call it "losing the bubble"; not being aware of the tactical situation at sea can cost lives. Inspire a Shared Vision: It is critical in a crisis that we all share the same goal.

We may have different reasons for the goal but we have the goal in common.

As a brief demonstration of the application of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to crisis leadership, I offer the following: Model the Way: In my experience as a leader in business and the military, the quickest way to lose your leadership credentials is to not demonstrate balance in a crisis.


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