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The first thing you need to know is that the random quizzes are made up of questions asked previously in daily quizzes and that the questions repeat fairly often.

Even if you can’t win a game, pay attention to the correct answers!

Remember, you can activate one weekly, one personal, one Mix-n-Match, and one PBA badge in the same game at the same time. If you’re doing a non-weekly badge, like a Mix-n-Match or one from a PBA, you can wait until you’ve earned 1100 points on your first quiz to activate it to get yourself the most time out of the badge.

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For each successive question I tapped the microphone icon as the category cards were displayed and read the question almost word-for-word.

Almost every time, the results came back before the game removed the first incorrect answer. If you don’t have access to a voice-to-search tool, try quickly typing a keyword or keywords from the question into another browser window at Google.

You can do it, as you can with any tough Pogo badge: with patience and persistence.

Here are a few little tricks you can use to make your slog through a random quiz badge in Trivial Pursuit just a little bit easier (including my new favorite “phone a friend” tip): Make sure you’re selecting the Random Quiz button, not “Play Today’s Daily Quiz”.

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Players have reported that they’ve had plenty of time to read the Trivial Pursuit question to Siri on an i Phone, and her responses were often good enough to get a win on the quiz.

Asking Cortana in Windows 10 or Amazon’s Alexa might work too. When the game started, I long-pressed the home button until Siri started listening, then asked the first question in Trivial Pursuit.

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