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It's really an oxymoron, but I do much better on the Internet than in real life, one-to-one conversations.Needless to say, you can't hide behind a computer your whole life, but I can admit that the online world of dating can help "level the playing field" when it comes to being a teammate who stutters.If so, check with your friend if your date has been clued in about the fact that you stutter. If not, no problem, just ask them to have a quiet word beforehand.

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This world we live in isn't getting any better-the insults are becoming more caustic, the confrontations more violent, but I have seen hope, in the form of my NSA teammates in high school who are becoming more confident socially and growing into leaders in their own right. The greatest appeal of the NSA conferences is that teammates who do not stutter get just as much out of these seminars.

Over dinner at the diner last week, I discussed this with a peer of mine, and she gave a very challenging response, which ate at me for a while: "I think what you're doing is courageous, but don't you think you're also throwing yourself on the mercy of the court without being tried? We all have certain qualities we look for in a potential girlfriend/significant other, but do we ever have deal-breakers? It's not uncommon to see a teammate bring their girlfriend/boyfriend to this event, and they marvel at the life-altering processes that take place here.

They already know you have a stammer and have agreed or asked to date you. This way, your date will be aware early on and it won’t become an “elephant in the room”.

It will also show that you don’t regard it as a flaw – which reveals self-assurance and confidence.70 million people worldwide stutter.Online dating has exploded in popularity during the last decade.This gives you an easy way to let your date know in advance that you have a stutter.I know I am very comfortable as a teammate who stutters, and that needs to come through loud and clear. There may be those who just don't care about stuttering, or don't want to know about it. All you've done is given me another reason not to want to get to know you.I know that stuttering and dating can present a very big challenge.This means that (unless your date is an unemployed social hermit with no friends or family) there is every chance they will already have met someone who has a stammer.


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  4. For example: Most of the guys who contact women via Facebook will send the same type of junk that pretty much every other guy is sending.

  5. The old-fashioned ways of dating - trying to catch the eye of someone in a cafe or scouting for potential partners in a bar - can be fun.

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