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Neptune can truly make itself invisible and there can be that eerie feeling emanating from you, sometimes, when people relate to you.

It’s as if you disappear, making your essence opaque and impossible to read.

With your Venus sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile, or trine Neptune in your chart, you are the fantasy.

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You have a tough time seeing your significant others and even friends as who they really are.

You, instead, see them very much as you’d like to see them.

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But, you have a trait of being a walking, talking ideal in ways that can be really beautiful and really deceptive, often at the same time.

Venus is the planet that defines how we attract others, as well as what we find attractive.

I think that our Venus aspects start emerging strongly in the adolescent stage of life.

How a person goes through puberty is usually indicated by their Venus, as this is the time when we begin fully learning just what makes us attractive and what’s attractive to us.

When you harbored a crush, it wasn’t just puppy love but the stuff that poems were made of!

Venus-Neptune develops a highly romanticized outlook at this age, seeing falling in love as something that’s truly a spectacular, phenomenal thing.

These two planets are said to be pretty excellent together, which can be true, of course.


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