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At that point we still didn’t know what the drummer situation was going to be so I tried to hold off until the band had confirmed Matt as the additional drummer.

I then spoke to him about what his kit consisted of so I could finish the input list and technical rider. When Pat decided he felt strong enough to join the tour, it was still unsure how much if any of the set he would be playing, whether he and Matt would share the same kit, be playing Matt’s kit or Pat’s kit and what the other would be doing when he wasn’t playing?

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But this tour would be different, my easy little 4 piece, 25 input band has become a handful to mix compared to what it was.

Since it looked like we might be switching between drummers during the show, I decided it would be wise to split the drum channels so the monitor engineer and I would have- Matt drums and Pat drums.

The plan was for myself and the backline techs to come in for the last two full days of rehearsal.

I find being at band rehearsal very beneficial, if the band actually rehearses. It gives me a chance to watch, listen, and make a lot of notes.

The promoters and local production people however require our technical info long before that.

2-3 months out before the start of the tour I needed to create a stage plot and input list as well as technical rider.In Japan we will be carrying full production from Clair Japan.The Pre-Tour Prep work: Preparing for this tour was unlike the previous tours I did with Mr Big.As the start of the tour grew closer, Pat’s medication was getting the symptoms under control and he was feeling much better. The band was in Japan doing promo when I got word that Pat would be joining us for the entire tour.All of this was coming together less than a month before the tour was to begin.When I started mixing Mr Big in 2009, they were a straight forward rock and roll band, with only 25 inputs.


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