Tall girls intimidating

After brief struggles, our hapless heroines received a visit from a villain who removed their footwear.

He left his playthings back-to-back with their legs stretched out over the arms of the couch, so those enticing bare feet continued to arch prominently!

Squirming in bra and panties, Ashly tried to escape, but she ended up topless and more roped-up!

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HOLLY MANNING is handcuffed and taped, and the vindictive man revels in the control of his powerless captive!

[January 8] After CHANEL PRESTON and ZOE CLARK were deprived of their clothing, they sat on the floor, their nude bodies tautly coiled with rope, their lips once again sealed by duct-tape!

[January 24] TARA ASHLEY and JENNIFER JACOBS are tightly bound in lingerie and gagged with duct-tape -- and the only other entity present is a disembodied alien!

Chilled by knowledge that they're at the mercy of an invisible creature, Jennifer and Tara attempt to console each other while they engage in their futile contortions! The hidden property obtained by HOLLY MANNING's nemesis offers numerous venues to highlight his domination of this innocent woman.

No gag for Jenna yet because her angry opponent's naked feet soon fill her mouth; they also stray between spread legs whose juncture's unprotected by panties!

[January 29] When word spread that they'd won a lottery, GISELLE PALMER and SAMANTHA HAYES were seized and tied by a hooded figure determined to extract the location of the ticket from them!

Once the innocent bystanders are tape-bound and gagged, the man captures buxom therapist ALEXIS TAYLOR and subjects her to similar treatment!

[January 31] ASHLY ANDERSON got a nasty shock when a slippery chick on the run stole her dress and shoes, then left her bound, ball-gagged and barefoot on her desk!

[February 1] Events spiral out of control at the therapist's office!

An angry patient produces duct tape and orders his fearful wife to assist him in subduing stunned fellow clients RILEY REYES and LOLA PEARL.

Samantha and Giselle claimed that they knew nothing of the ticket, so the villain tickle-interrogated them, then left them tapegagged and writhing in the bedroom!


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