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He grinned and walked to the chair, positioning it so he would have his back to the main aisle and the walkway.

As he sat down I knelt down in front of him, with my back to the window.

It was a simple armless one, with a plain blue seat and back covering, like the rest of the chairs I'd seen elsewhere in the library."Why don't you sit down and I'll help you out with this?

" I said, motioning Mark toward the chair and squeezing him through his trousers.

He pressed himself against my palm, increasing the friction and making it strain even more inside his pants."Do you want me to take it out? I wanted to feel him in my hand, to control him and make him beg for me.

I was staring into his eyes, wondering what he might say."God yes," he said, still pressing himself against me.

He put a hand in my hair, helping to guide my head up and down on him, applying a little pressure to tell me when to speed up.

He tasted so good, and I really wanted to feel him come in my mouth, to feel him running over my tongue. My clit was dying for some attention, so I reached down between my legs as I sucked him, putting my hand up under my skirt and inside my knickers. I sank two of my fingers into myself, thrusting them in and out as fast as I could.

"As hard as you like."I started to move my mouth up and down, sucking hard so my lips formed a tight seal around his shaft.

I made sure I used my lips and tongue to full effect on the sensitive tip, slowing right down each time I almost let him out of my mouth only to envelope him again.

I could hear his breathing growing deeper and more rapid, and knew he was as excited as I was. He was hard and rigid, and I bent down, licking the tip which glistened with my saliva as I covered it with my tongue. "Take it all in."I lowered my mouth and Mark brushed back my hair so he could watch me devour him.


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