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Retrieving the Saarthal Amulet will trap the Dragonborn.Escape can be achieved by equipping the amulet and casting any spell (Shouts such as Unrelenting Force are also effective) on the tablet from which it originally came.

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Under Saarthal is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The others are very small and hard to see, but clearly marked on the quest indicator as long as they are taken before the Amulet, or else the quest markers will disappear.

The artifacts do not have to be returned to Arniel and can be kept.

Tolfdir will pass through the middle coffin into a large room where four draugr will arise from their wall crypts.

The Dragonborn will help Tolfdir slay all of them (again, good Sneak and Archery can help the Dragonborn remain unnoticed and unharmed).

Tolfdir's class meets outside the ruins of Saarthal before beginning an academic exploration of the ruins.

The Dragonborn may travel there with the other students as a group, and they will help deal with any bears or trolls encountered on the way.

Activating either trap using a shout or magic will make noise and attract the draugr, while walking over the traps will not.

The first rune trap can be easily avoided by walking around it, while the second rune trap in the doorway can be avoided by using any type of magic on it, or jumping over it.

This fact could easily be missed if the Dragonborn were not up close to the pillars.


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