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You can define a repository to be the one always used for installation and updates of a package.To do so, you first have to add the repository to the known repositories.If you have a compile error where or some other package file cannot be found, then the Te X Live filename database may need to be updated.

texlive updating tlmgr 2016-8

The Te X Live updates for the previous years are no longer available. Te XLive 2011, you can update its packages roughly until Te XLive 2012 is created.

After that point, your 2011 system will not be able to update any packages ever again using the normal package manager.

Hello, I know how to update all installed packages, but I couldn't find any information on how install all new packages (not yet installed) with just one command. Thanksairblaster Thanks for you answers, but so far I couldn't solve the [email protected]: AFAIK the documentation does not tell how to install all new [email protected]: "tlmgr update --self --all" updates installed packages and the infrastructure, but AFAIK it does not install new packages.e.g.

there is the new package gnu-freefont from yesterday.

In addition, you may be asked to update “tlmgr” also in case there is a newer version.

The latest packages has been made into the official Ubuntu repository for Ubuntu 16.10.

Therefore the above way of installation of a package from my repository is only a temporary one.

Nevertheless, you can also remove such packages using the graphical user interface of the Te X Live Package Manager that can be started using » can also be used to update packages and install packages if you do not use Vanilla Te X Live but the Te X Live packages of a Linux distribution.

There are two different methods: Note that with the next update the packages of my repository generally will be replaced by the packages from the main Te X Live repository.

This is because the main Te X Live repository internally uses much larger revision numbers.

It contains a neat little graphical application that lets you update your distribution.


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