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Hours before this moment I was lying alone in the road outside my home, covered in blood, taking what I thought would be my last breath.

I had just been viciously attacked, beaten, and stabbed 32 times. Looking back three years prior, I remember the exact moment I met this extremely charming, sweet, and funny guy named Robert Burton.

In this study, 703 high school students reported on the frequency of DDA victimization, whether they were upset by these incidents, and how they responded.

Results suggest that although both girls and boys experienced DDA at similar rates of frequency (with the exception of sexual coercion), girls reported that they were more upset by these behaviors.

These findings suggest that the experience and consequences of DDA may be particularly detrimental for girls.

I am twenty-two years old and I live in Clearwater, Florida. 24, 2012, I found myself surrounded with family, covered in bandages, connected to machines, with tubes down my throat, praying and thanking God for saving my life.

After three months of peace and healing, Robert began calling me repeatedly in the middle of the night. He was crying and said, "After all we have been through, I just need closure to move on after the terrible end to our relationship." He promised to leave me alone forever if I just met him for a hug. Two teens nearby heard me screaming, attempted to intervene, and called 911. Once Robert believed he succeeded in taking my life, he drove away and attempted suicide.

We were both saved that night, and thankfully, he is now serving a life sentence with no chance of parole.

I now work as domestic violence advocate for a local non-profit organization, Hands Across the Bay, where and every day is a blessing.

Theresa May overruled the Home Office to insist that EU citizens who arrived during a Brexit transition period would not have the automatic right to remain in the country.

This professionally produced series is full of material that is not available elsewhere, and that is normally taught in the dojo only the those of high rank. 2 No.27 (Issue #50) the volume number of CFA magazine was changed to reflect the fact that we had a new distributor.


  1. You can upload your own pictures and videos and even make your own blog.

  2. The site supports multiple modes of communication, including instant messages and emails.

  3. LEAs and Districts in California will begin receiving our Annual Child Count Census forms and information via mail after the second full week of February.

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  5. To celebrate the engagement of John Cena and Nikki Bella, let us take a look at some of the other prolific real life couples of wrestling!

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