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-DB] In Atlanta, another Atlanta narc has been sentenced to prison in the killing of Kathryn Johnston.

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Medicinal Marijuana, a product having the properties of a medicine made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria or to relieve pain.

The effects of Medicinal Marijuana vary with its strength and dosage and with the state of mind of the user.

On opposite sides of the country, crooked cops are headed for long prison sentences, and another Atlanta narc is going to the big house.

Meanwhile, a Customs and Border Protection agent in San Diego and a jail guard in the Florida panhandle get busted.

William Ferguson got hammered so hard because he turned down a plea deal that involved testifying against his brother John, who was also convicted in the ring and is currently doing eight years.

[Ed: Ferguson's century-long sentence seems troubling for multiple reasons.

Palomares is one of five former police officers to be convicted in the scheme.

Another Palomares accomplice and former LAPD officer was sentenced Monday to 102 years in prison.

The so far unnamed CBP officers allegedly took bribes to look the other way as the other arrestees smuggled hashish and other drugs and contraband through Kennedy International Airport.

The others arrested included two Customs brokers, an operations manager of a cargo cooperative, and two importers of counterfeit goods and controlled substances. In Tucson, a Border Patrol agent pleaded guilty May 20 to smuggling more than 3,000 pounds of marijuana into the country in his government vehicle.

He will report to prison June 24, where he can hang out with his old boss, former narcotics division head Lt.


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