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We don't have a cute story about awkwardly bumping into one another at the car wash. So, we each paid approximately .00 for the privilege to do so. Within the first three weeks, I told my sister-in-law and two friends (now my matron of honor and bridesmaids), "I'm pretty sure I've met my future husband." He was the guy who couldn't wait for me to meet his family.

(He was using a vacuum, I was waiting for a vacuum...) We met on a dating website. I had seen taylorrog's vague, personality stripped profile and skipped past it. Of course, neither of us could see the certain terror on the other's face as we said those words. It was fun to make each other happy, and it was easy.

But his first punny message in response to my quippy (humor writing project-style) profile jumped right into a story about 7 year-old Noah trying to wrap grapes in aluminum foil, dropping them, and declaring, "Foiled again, dad! For him, it didn't take any more than cleaning his countertops or surprising him with grocery store sushi and IPAs I didn't know that he hated. We are living together and our "dates" look different, but we don't like each other any less than we did.

" At the bottom of my (incredibly long-winded) profile I had stated that an interested party should say the word "raisin" in a response, to show that he was not mass messaging "how u DOIN" to every Joan, Trudy, and Marcia on the planet. We never skip an opportunity to tell the other "you are awesome" or "I like you." When he replaced his truck, he didn't go for the Single Guy Sports Car; he proudly chose the minivan. Two days before Christmas we stole a few minutes to ourselves to buy picture frames and creamed corn.

I flipped through his photos and was taken by the warm, shy smile of a bearded man in flannel, sitting by a campfire. And so began a day or two of long "getting to know you" messages between us. We stopped on the covered bridge where he gave me a full course education on the caterpillar he found. He asked me to recreate some photos he'd taken of other couples in Sweden on the covered bridge. It wasn't unusual when he took out his Go Pro and set it on the cement path; his Photographer Brain never rests. v=ATu7Ezo U2ek Respectfully, private ceremony will be held earlier in the day.

This bridge is now the place that he asked me to be his wife. Join us at , Macomber Lodge at Pearson Park, for a reception of barbecue, brew, music, and games.

This is the latest romance for Barker, whose memoir , is due Oct. In 2008, the drummer divorced Shanna Moakler, with whom he has two kids (son Landon, 11, and daughter Alabama, 9).

He was most recently linked to UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste.

"I don't like when he talks to other girls," she explained. Loreina got frisky with Travis in a medieval virtual video game world: The California native busted out of her shell and surprised Travis with sword spanking followed by a booty dance during their one-on-one. I think she said to one of the girls tonight that she wants go home." Whaaat?! Travis sent Jamie Leigh home—and she completely lost it: Travis decided to eliminate Jamie Leigh because they only had a physical connection.

"Loreina comes out and she showed her personality," Travis said. Lexi ditched Maya after feeling betrayed: Lexi decided to move out of the room she shared with BFF Maya in the house after Travis chose her to join him on the VIP date. "I feel like I need all aspects of the relationship," he said.

His choice sparked lots of red flags for Lexi because she believed Maya would have her back until the end.

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