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If reinstatement of the certificate is approved by the department, the certificate holder, as a condition precedent to reinstatement, shall submit proof of compliance with paragraphs (1) and (2) of subdivision (f), and shall pay a fee in an amount equal to the renewal fee, plus the delinquency fee, if any, accrued at the time of its revocation or suspension.

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(a) The director, in consultation and collaboration with county placement officials, group home provider organizations, the Director of Health Care Services, and the Director of Developmental Services, shall develop and establish a certification program to ensure that administrators of group home facilities have appropriate training to provide the care and services for which a license or certificate is issued.(b) (1) In addition to any other requirements or qualifications required by the department, an administrator of a group home facility shall successfully complete a department-approved certification program, pursuant to subdivision (c), prior to employment.

An administrator employed in a group home on the effective date of this section shall meet the requirements of paragraph (2) of subdivision (c).(H) Resident admission, retention, and assessment procedures, including the right of a foster child to have fair and equal access to all available services, placement, care, treatment, and benefits, and to not be subjected to discrimination or harassment on the basis of actual or perceived race, ethnic group identification, ancestry, national origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental or physical disability, or HIV status.(K) Basic instruction on the existing laws and procedures regarding the safety of foster youth at school and the ensuring of a harassment- and violence-free school environment contained in the School Safety and Violence Prevention Act (Article 3.6 (commencing with Section 32228) of Chapter 2 of Part 19 of Division 1 of Title 1 of the Education Code).(2) The department shall adopt separate program requirements for initial certification for persons who are employed as group home administrators on the effective date of this section.

If the certificate is not renewed prior to its expiration date, reinstatement shall only be permitted after the certificate holder has paid a delinquency fee equal to three times the renewal fee and has provided evidence of completion of the continuing education required.(4) To renew a certificate, the certificate holder shall, on or before the certificate expiration date, request renewal by submitting to the department documentation of completion of the required continuing education courses and pay the renewal fee of one hundred dollars ($100), irrespective of receipt of the department’s notification of the renewal.

A renewal request postmarked on or before the expiration of the certificate shall be proof of compliance with this paragraph.(5) A suspended or revoked certificate shall be subject to expiration as provided for in this section.

A person employed as an administrator of a group home facility on the effective date of this section shall obtain a certificate by completing the training and testing requirements imposed by the department within 12 months of the effective date of the regulations implementing this section.

After the effective date of this section, these administrators shall meet the requirements imposed by the department on all other group home administrators for certificate renewal.(3) Individuals applying for certification under this section shall successfully complete an approved certification program, pass a written test administered by the department within 60 days of completing the program, and submit to the department the documentation required by subdivision (d) within 30 days after being notified of having passed the test.

Individuals whose certificates will expire within 90 days after the order for reinstatement may be granted a three-month extension to renew their certificates during which time the delinquency fees shall not accrue.(6) A certificate that is not renewed within four years after its expiration shall not be renewed, restored, reissued, or reinstated except upon completion of a certification training program, passing any test that may be required of an applicant for a new certificate at that time, and paying the appropriate fees provided for in this section.(2) The department has issued an exclusion order against the administrator pursuant to Section 1558, 1568.092, 1569.58, or 1596.8897, after the department issued the certificate, and the administrator did not appeal the exclusion order or, after the appeal, the department issued a decision and order that upheld the exclusion order.(h) (1) The department, in consultation and collaboration with county placement officials, provider organizations, the State Department of Health Care Services, and the State Department of Developmental Services, shall establish, by regulation, the program content, the testing instrument, the process for approving certification training programs, and criteria to be used in authorizing individuals, organizations, or educational institutions to conduct certification training programs and continuing education courses.

The department may also grant continuing education hours for continuing courses offered by accredited educational institutions that are consistent with the requirements in this section.

Any person willfully making any false representation as being a certified administrator or facility manager is guilty of a misdemeanor.(f) (1) Certificates issued under this section shall be renewed every two years and renewal shall be conditional upon the certificate holder submitting documentation of completion of 40 hours of continuing education related to the core of knowledge specified in subdivision (c).

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