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As I walked through the station hall towards the bus station, I heard people talking not just in Ukrainian, but also in Hungarian and Slovak. On the map, Uzhhorod is much closer to Vienna than Bregenz – just 438 kilometers, as the crow flies!

Unlike Kyiv, located hundreds of kilometers further east on the other side of the Carpathian mountains, this part of Ukraine is not even separated by a mountain range from the Schengen zone.

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In the interwar period there were four doctors, two of them - Dr.

When I got off the train, I noticed that something was odd.

Sobrance, the easternmost town in Slovakia, is in the Kosice Region (Košický kraj) of Slovakia, about 18 km from Uzhorod, Ukraine and 22 km east of Michalovce.

Before the end of World War I, Sobrance, then Szobránc, was the main city in the Szobránci járás (district) of Ung megye (county), Hungary.

The head of household was Marko Joseffovics (Marko the son of Josef), a distiller of whisky (palinka, slivovitz or vodka).

By July 1746 there were two Jewish families-- Marko Joseffovics and Hersko Abrahamovics (Hersko the son of Abraham). Jewish public figures included bank directors Armin Herschkovits and Lipot M. Rosenfeld, both of whom were active in the Ung County Jewish party. By 1929 there were 52 villages in the Szobrancz district. Rabbi Moshe Simcha Friedman, a descendant of the Teitelbaum family who served from 1891 to 1940, was one of the best known. The parnasim were Eisik Lebovits landowner, Elias Moskovits forest owner, and tradesmen Wolf Moskovits and Simon M. reports that in 1929 Szobrancz had a Talmud Torah with two teachers. The leaders of the Jewish community were Lazar Lebovits, president; Hermann Wiesner vice-president; Ignac Weinberger Sr., Samuel Salamon, and Ignac Weinberger Jr. Denisa Vinanska, a secondary school history teacher in Sobrance, has been documenting the history of the town’s Jewish community and working with her students to restore the cemetery.


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