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I’ve (thankfully) never had any direct experience of war, but I’ve read enough about it to know that’ it’s an unpredictable and untidy business. Couldn’t be arsed to read my recent 1000-word rant about wargame and sim campaigns?No problem, here’s the short version: “Why can’t more games have campaign systems like Achtung Panzer Operation Star? Where most wargames blindfold you, bundle you into the back of truck and drive you miles to a new unfamiliar battlefield, after every victory or defeat, this one forces you to push on, and confront the sometimes-grim consequences of previous actions.

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I blame greedy British energy companies and the bitter Siberian wind that has been gusting from my monitor all week.

Stick a scarf round your throat and a vodka down your neck (or vice versa) and you’ll be ready to hear Wot I Think of Graviteam’s latest Eastern Front wargame. Back then your young mind hadn’t had time to dig those dugouts of discernment, and sow those Schu-minefields of cynicism.

I can see one of my Stu Gs bulldozing wrecked Universal Carriers off a corpse-strewn forest trail, Sturmoviks wheeling away from burning halftracks…

The incredible thing about all these mental pictures is that they are all frames in the same gritty war movie, pages in the same war memoir chapter.

If you run into tanky trouble on the west side, it’ may be a few turns before help arrives.

The 8 historically-inspired operations are composed of up ten turns.

Was Arnhem really ‘skill’ or whatever praise-phrase Master Timothy Stone Esq used back in the 80s? All I can say for sure, is that it was lucky to lead the charge.

By the time your 100th wargame comes along, the barbed wire entanglement of experience can be so thick, the MG nests of knowledge-based negativity so numerous and fiendishly sited, the unlucky assaulter is fortunate if it makes it off its start-line.

Every turn you get to push platoon-sized counters around a gridded map.


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