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The payload/range number on many airplanes is pretty pathetic.There was once a time when the number of seats outlined the carrying capability of our airplanes, within limits.It is no secret that there are fewer and fewer active general aviation pilots every year. There is more of a tendency today for people to be needy and dependent and risk-averse.

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The four seat airplanes would fly with more than two people, some baggage, and enough fuel to fly for a decent length or fly for at least a little while with four on board.

The folks who build airliners have to design the ability to fill all the seats and then fly halfway around the world nonstop.

The same goes for schemes to make it easier to learn to fly.

I think there are only three possible ways to have a shot at increasing the personal and business use of light (under 6,000 pound maximum takeoff weight) airplanes.

The only real way to increase interest in flying is to appeal to people who have a strong sense of independent individualism. In fact, flying is something that takes a good mix of intelligence and coordination, both physical and mental.

Lacking that, flying can be downright hazardous to your health.Some years ago I experimented with using a Cessna 172 with top-line IFR avionics as a business airplane.I lived in Little Rock at the time and routinely made day trips to Wichita, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth and even San Antonio which was at the outer limits on distance when flying at 120 knots.Some feel that a reduction in the cost of learning to fly would help.I have been watching this for a long time, though, and most schemes to reduce cost have been false promises.There is little “feel” for general aviation in the corporate offices or in the boardroom.


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