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My last entry on this has me complaining about how slow the signal acquires or lock onto the GPS for the Timex watch.A colleague having the same watch with the updated (as of April 2012 Firmware 3.14) firmware complained about the watch unable to lock onto satellite during his Haadyai Marathon.

I already have a Wahoo Fitness Stride Sensor, and was able to sync it with the Timex watch without a problem (the Wahoo Sensor is about $15 cheaper than the Timex foot pod at Clever Training).

Connecting to satellites is pretty quick, especially if you tend to start each run from the same spot. Back on the menu screen, the “Interval” option allows you to start an interval workout, which is configurable in the watch settings (or in the Timex Device Agent software).

It was not intuitive to use (took me forever to even figure out how to start a workout!

), and the watched crashed on me on at least three occasions, all of which required reinstallation of the firmware to get it working again.

Then proceed to upgrade the firmware following the instruction on the screen which will ask you to go to mode configure, then GPS, then Version, then press Start/Split until it prompts you to Update Firmware Yes/No? Done correctly, you will be rewarded with the updated firmware. It took less than 40seconds to lock onto the satellites from Cold-Start (after resetting from firmware upgrading/updating). So, if you are in the market for a GPS enable watch, the Timex GPS at this moment, does look like a good contender based on pricing (if bought outside of Malaysia and Singapore).

The pricing in e Bay is simply irresistible - it is the risk in posting that you have to keep your fingers (and toes) crossed.Last year I was contacted by Timex about trying the Run Trainer GPS 1.0.They sent me a sample, but I had nothing but trouble with it.I find that when I get the watch wet the band irritates my skin and I have to take it off until it dries.It’s not terrible, and it might just be a sensitivity unique to me.Before you attempt to upgrade the firmware, make sure you have the latest Device Agent software installed.

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